We Help Ambitious Business Owners Generate a Constant Flow of
Hot Qualified Prospects

Get Qualified Prospects

To Grow Your Business and Become a More Valuable Professional, You Have to Generate a Constant Flow of Clients


But there's a problem . . . 

After working with thousands of business owners, we learned that most business owners don’t achieve their full potential because they don’t have enough hot prospects. 

Instead, they have to deal with too many cold prospects that are hard to convert.

We call this problem The Cold Traffic Jam™.

When you get stuck in this jam, you end up working harder than necessary, you waste a lot of time and money, and you never seem to get ahead in your business and your life.  

Members of the Hot Traffic Accelerator™ apply 10 key strategies to get a constant flow of hot prospects.

It also helps them avoid The Cold Traffic Jam™.

The Hot Traffic Accelerator has everything you need to get a constant flow of hot prospects. And for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

We have 3 choices for you:

Our basic program is the 10 Percent Referral Club. When you join, you tap into a community of ambitious business owners who meet weekly to refer qualified clients to one another. We have a unique approach for building long-lasting referral partnerships. 

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Our Advanced Program is the Hot Traffic Accelerator Group Training. When you join you belong to a Community of ambitious business owners who scale their business by forming Strategic Partnerships. When you focus on building strong relationships with key partners, you will get more clients in less time, and have a lot more fun running your business.

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Want individualized support to achieve your goals? A Hot Traffic coach guides you in applying strategies that get you more qualified prospects.

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"Need more leads? Let me share one of my secret weapons with you. If you are a service based business … then it’s time to chat with Jennifer Beale. My investment working with her is currently at 188% and it’s still only March!"

Mich Maguire, CEO, Maguire Marketing

"Jennifer's Hot Traffic Group is the most valuable networking group I attend. For me, these meetings are a master class in creating networks that produce real meaningful value for us and with those whom we connect with."

Reg Charney, CEO, Entrebahn

"THIS IS BRILLIANT STUFF. Jennifer we are lucky to learn from you. This is so amazing! I have been in business coaching for years and never heard these strategies before."

Karen Aydt, CEO, Inner Design International

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