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Marketing is a lot of work. Plus it costs a lot and takes a long time. What's worse is often it doesn't result in enough new clients. 


This is the number one reason business professionals don't have as many clients as they want.

But imagine if someone was willing to share their client list with you. Their expertise. Pretty much anything you needed to achieve your goals.

And even better, they wouldn't charge you anything upfront.

You'd get clients fast. You'd achieve your goals in record time. You'd reduce your marketing costs. And your profit would increase dramatically.

That would be amazing!

Well that's what Find Joint Ventures is all about. We're an ever-growing community of ambitious and well-meaning business owners who help each other achieve goals by sharing resources. 

"Since joining Find Joint Ventures, we've been able to earn tens of thousands of dollars on JV deals, and they just keep pouring in. We will easily 10x our business this year." 

Joanelle Murray, MobiFly Canada

Find Joint Ventures Member since May 2020


Find Joint Ventures has everything you need to get strategic partnerships.

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If you're pursuing goals alone you are making it harder than it needs to be. Connect with ambitious and well-meaning business owners who want you to succeed.

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We have a library of resources to help you every step of the way. Start doing deals right away and know you have the support you need to do successful deals.

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"I joined to learn how to get affiliate partners. Even though I have decades of selling experience, in just over a month I've learned so much about networking, partnering and marketing. As well, the group members are extremely supportive and sincerely help each other reach their goals."

Gary Gradley, Purpose Driven Coaching

Find Joint Ventures Member since October 2020


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