$10 USD per month

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1. As a member of the 10 Percent Referral Club, you hereby accept full and sole responsibility for all work and transactions resulting from your said membership in The 10 Percent Referral Club.

2. You agree to pay a commission (or other mutually agreed level of commission) to any member who refers you to a prospect who becomes your business’ customer.

3. You assume and bear full and sole responsibility for collecting any commissions owed to you and will not ask The 10 Percent Referral Club to intervene on your behalf with the non-paying member. If a member does not honor their referral commission agreement, you will not hold The 10 Percent Referral Club responsible and you fully and finally release and remise the Club from any and all claims by you or your business in connection with the unpaid referral fee or commission payment obligations of its members collectively and individually. Further, you hereby totally absolve, release and remise The 10 Percent Referral Club, its owners, operators and employees, of any and all liability related to business generated by your membership.

4. You understand and agree that The 10 Percent Referral Club merely acts as a facilitator for the networking of its members and is not to be considered an employer, partner, contractor, joint venturer, co-ordinator, matchmaker, principal or agent of any of its members.

5. You may cancel your membership at any time, and payments will conclude at completion of your payment cycle.

The 10 Percent Referral Club Membership

Join The 10 Percent Referral Club and Get Referral Partners!

  • Weekly Zoom Referral Group Meetings held Mondays 10 - 11:30 am ET
  • Belong to a community of Referral Partners who actively exchange referrals
  • Access to a Library of Resources

What People Are Saying:

The monthly cost of $10 is a steal. The quality of the members is way beyond what other network groups provide. Members are motivated and they eagerly participate and engage, and Jennifer Beale leads the meetings masterfully for maximum results.

David Bull, FeeBeaters

The 10% Referral Club is a sustainable, profitable and non-stressful model unlike other referral groups. Plus, the quality of entrepreneurs and business people taking part in the weekly meetings is outstanding.

Teresa Kruze, CEO, Media