Jennifer Beale | Award Winning Networker | Strategic Partnerships

Jennifer Beale's simple strategies have helped hundreds of business owners earn tens of millions of dollars during the past 20 years.

An Award Winning Networker and Event Producer, she helps ambitious and well-meaning business owners generate a constant flow of hot prospects. It also helps them avoid the Cold Traffic Jam™.

She is the founder of the 10% Referral Club, helping business owners develop referral partnerships.

Featured in major media including the National Post and on Global TV,  Jennifer also received the 2017 Brilliant Minded Business Award.

What Business Professionals are saying about Jennifer . . . 

"You create an amazing space for people to shine!"


Mich Maguire 

Maguire Marketing Group


"I'm very happy to be part of this community. Thank you for all your wisdom and guidance."


Rochelle Sandy

Wealth Advisor & Investment Advisor


"Jennifer helped us earn multiple 5-figures in a joint venture within one week of strategy development."


Kim Chernecki

CEO, Freedom Street Inc.


"Jennifer is a phenomenal promoter and sends loads of qualified business leads to her clients. "

Alison Silbert

Website Developer


"Thank you so much for your generous advice."

Kathy Barthel

Video Coach


"Meeting you has truly been a highlight in me identifying myself as an amazing networker."


Hilda Swirsky

Business Owner


"Honestly, if not for you, I would not have been nearly as pro-active in taking this opportunity to promote my services and classes online."


Lorne Opler

Personal Trainer


"You are the BEST!"


Hiliary Jewer

Mississauga Board of Trade

"Thank you for your how-to on networking. It's so refreshing to hear someone else operate from the abundance model of business."


April Terreau

Navigating Integrity Associates



"Jennifer offers a marketing strategy that is respectful and focuses most on what I can give to people, which aligns with my values. I'm discovering how powerful this approach is and am excited to keep working with Jennifer."


Jesi Whelan

Business Owner


"Your insight and personality blew me away."


Michele Duidvenvoorden

Mi Beauti Inc


"A heartfelt thank you for what you do and the connections you make."


Crystal Kaufman

Step by Step Business Consulting

"I love how you were able to see the changes that are needed, pivot, then have an interest in helping others so that we all succeed. The world needs more people like you."


Jamie Madigan

Certified Financial Advisor


"Thank you so much for your kindness and open heart and willingness to help direct, inspire and encourage me to step into my full potential!"


Paula Felicia

Health Practitioner




"Jennifer’s strategies work fast "


Joanelle Murray

Mobifly Canada


"Thank you for being a great partner – you truly are spectacular! You are truly an inspiration and I appreciate everything you do! "


Melanie Delicato

Staples Canada


"Jennifer is the best sort of ally--formidably connected, bursting with energy and an ace at matching one person's most pressing need with another person's core strength."


Rona Maynard

Speaker & Trainer


"Thank you for your continued support of everyone connecting during these times. Just wanted to let you know your work and help is always appreciated!"


Tricia Belmonte

LIkeUs Communications


" Jennifer Beale is the one you want to connect with. Her experience and knowledge is above everyone in the networking world. "


Edith Bedard

Mortgage Alliance


"Jennifer Beale is an honest communicator and avid networker who teaches tthe most effective networking techniques and skills to get profitable business leads."


Rosa Lokaisingh

Connecting YOU


"Jennifer is truly the "Queen of Networking"


Susan Kates

LinkedIn Trainer


"Jennifer Beale is one of the best referral sources out there 'cause her people trust her big time! " 



Step Into the Spotlight


"We are lucky to benefit from your professionalism, your network, your ability to draw not only people together but draw out their best!"


Mike Woods

Regional Director, Freedom 55 Financial


"The single biggest contributor to boosting entrepreneurs and businesses in the GTA."


Heather Ramsay



"I see you as the ultimate networker and people connector!"

Faith Evan West

Executive Career Coach, The White Hawk Group